Can I cut/change the show in any way?

During rehearsals, the director or producer may find that some changes are required to make the show work in their theatre, or they may feel making ‘minor adjustments’ to a show (such as changing the gender of a character or changing the name of a town to give it local significance) is inconsequential to its integrity. Often directors believe they have the right to ‘experiment’ with the authors’ intentions as an expression of their artistic vision.
This is not the case.
When you are granted a performance licence, by law the show you license must be performed as it is written. You have no right to make any changes at all unless you have obtained prior written permission from us to do so. Without prior permission from MTI Europe your actions may subject you to liability for breaching the terms of your licence agreement. Occasionally, new versions of shows are created when the authors or someone the authors have approved re-conceives the piece. However, only the authors have the right to make these revisions, and they rarely grant third parties permission to do so.