Beyond the Gate

Beyond the Gate
A revue of songs on Ancient Greece designed to showcase some of the best British composers.

‘Beyond The Gate’ was conceived by Mercury Musical Developments and The Gate Theatre. In early 2011 a workshop revue was presented at The Gate to showcase the songwriting skills of some the best writers in Britain - from the established (including Don Black, Frank Lazarus, Richard Stilgoe) to the rising talent (including Craig Adams, Dougal Irvine, Tim Sutton). The revue is based around Ancient Greece (to complement The Gate’s forthcoming production of ‘Electra’) and MMD members submitted a broad range of material; including contemporary songs about what it means to be a hero, odes to Helen, both comic and yearning, cries from embittered soldiers, and songs about mythical adventurers and Kings such as Paris, Achilles and Menaleus.

BEYOND THE GATE was first performed at The Gate Theatre, Notting Hill London, on 22nd January 2011

“If anyone ever doubted the depth and invention of book and song writing talent in this country then an hour spent at Beyond The Gate: An Original Musical Revue - will have put them right.” Edward Seckerson,  The Independent 


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