Berlin To Broadway...

Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill A Musical Voyage
A musical voyage through the storied career of the incomparable Kurt Weill.

Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill A Musical Voyage is a joyous and moving celebration of Kurt Weill, a cantor's son and one of the most extraordinary composers of the 20th century. Weill's greatest theatre songs are presented in a fluid blend of music and story, spanning 20 eventful years, from Von Hindenburg and Hitler in Germany to Roosevelt and Truman in the U.S.

Greeted and ushered along by a charming Guide, audiences are invited to board the musical vessel that is Kurt Weill's rise to international acclaim. Setting sail in 1920s Berlin, Mr. Weill's cross continental and international travels are described with immaculately crafted narration surrounded by the composer's most noteworthy works. Selections from more than a dozen of Weill's pieces -- including The Threepenny Opera, Knickerbocker Holiday, and Lost In The Stars -- are chronologically performed while Weill's partnerships, musical and romantic, are dissected. An intoxicating retrospective, Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill perfectly fills Weill connoisseurs' cravings and sends those otherwise unfamiliar with his work from the theatre with an appreciation for the musical genius that is Kurt Weill.

Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill provides nearly limitless artistic opportunities. Ranging from creative integration of multimedia, various scenic choices that might be suggestive of multiple periods, or even a simple and intimate evening, the design options are vast in scope. It's also the perfect chance to feature a small "All-Star" cast of performers that a theatre company's subscription base is especially fond of.